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Interactive online specials, special events, amazing and genuine customer service, leadership required to weather the storm. Naked bootleg is a term used in football whereby the quarterback runs counter to his blockers and tries to create a run or pass opportunity with no help from his blockers. Well, we are operating our hotels naked but

During periods of economic recession, there is typically a shifting of market share from traditional channels to discount channels. In 2008, brand sites had 73 percent share of the market. According to TravelClick, it is 70 percent in 2009. Another sign that we are in the economic doldrums is when corporate bookings disappear and the

Five strategical points that will lead to success: location, product, management, marketing and financial structure. There are over 450 hotels in San Diego County, representing over 57,000 rooms and suites. Chains and institutions own most of the larger hotels, but small business operators own many. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a willingness