ORLANDO, FL – JUNE 24, 2014 – “The ability to outreach to the friends and colleagues of the guest that is staying at our hotels is brilliant! Flip.to has increased the brand awareness of our unique niche hotels to friends and family who are looking for the same experience. I love the engagement between the guests and the hotels, and it doesn’t hurt that we have additional revenue opportunities,” says Bob Moore, Sr. VP of Operations of R.A. Rauch & Associates (RAR).

RAR implemented Flip.to at three properties in San Diego, each with a very distinct atmosphere. The guest engagement and direct bookings has so exceeded their expectations they plan to add Flip.to at other properties as well.

Flip.to turns guests into a huge extension of a hotel’s marketing force. Starting right at the point of booking, guests share with their friends and family about their upcoming trip to the Lafayette Hotel, Pantai Inn, or El Cordova Hotel. This exposure to a huge pool of people in a friendly and trusted way is just the start of the marketing funnel. Flip.to then serves up a custom experience on the hotel’s website for each and every friend or relative of the guest, taking them down the path toward a future booking at the hotel.

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