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Hotel guests using gift cards as a form of payment are usually not causes for suspicion but with the latest trend in credit card fraud, hotels are in serious danger. Credit card thieves are reprogramming the magnetic strip on prepaid gift cards in order to artificially inflate the spending limit. It is nearly impossible to

U.S. Economy/Introduction to Hospitality Market Most economic forecasters believe that the past several quarters of economic growth were partly a result of fiscal stimulus. Based on that, the forecast for 2011 is for slower growth as the supports and stimuli are now dissipating. The recovery now depends more heavily on the private sector, which faces weakness

Five strategical points that will lead to success: location, product, management, marketing and financial structure. There are over 450 hotels in San Diego County, representing over 57,000 rooms and suites. Chains and institutions own most of the larger hotels, but small business operators own many. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a willingness